Why Metal Roofing Is Popular With Homeowners Now 1

Why Metal Roofing Is Popular With Homeowners Now

Ask any of the established roofing contractors in the area and they’ll tell you that, despite the current trend, at one time metal roofing was strictly a commercial building thing. Well, except for residential structures with a more utilitarian purpose like maybe a shed or barn. However, it’s nothing to look around and see metal rooftops on any number of homes in the area. In fact, there could be some around you right now and you wouldn’t even realize it. That’s because this style of roofing has become so popular in recent years that manufacturers have gotten much better at mimicking the look of other roofing materials.

What are the Metal Roofing Benefits?

What you probably want to know is why anyone would even bother to conceal the look of metal roofing and use it on their home when there’s already other materials to choose from. In fact, metal roofing isn’t even the cheapest choice, so what’s the reasoning behind the popularity of metal roofs for residential homes?

Metal roofs are stronger than something that’s more cost-effective, like asphalt shingles. It also means you get greater durability without the need for roof repairs as often. Make no mistake, you should still get roof inspections on a regular basis. However, you probably won’t need them as often as won’t have as many repairs to deal with during these inspections.

Metal rooftops are actually attractive, even if standard metal is used. However, you have the option to get styles that mimic the look of something more attractive, like cedar shakes or tile. They have an ability to withstand sparks and won’t ignite into flames following a lightning strike or during a fire.

This style of roofing material is also eco-friendly because it’s recyclable. Once it’s lifespan ends, it can be 100% recycled. Plus, homeowners can appreciate the enhanced energy-efficiency. This type of material reflects solar radiant heat and that reduces cooling costs by up to 25%, which is also better for the environment. Speaking of lifespan, it’s hard to ignore the longevity you can get from a high-quality, well-installed metal roofing system. Their average lifespan is around 50 years, although they’ve been known to last upward of 70 years.

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